While Dr Dev is primarily a plastic surgeon he is aware of the correlation between looking good and hormonal health.  As we age, both men and women become hormone depleted, Our bodies change in response to the loss of hormones,  Much of what we see as  the effects of aging, loss of skin elasticity and firmness, Is actually the response of tissues to loss of hormonal support 

This is more clearly obvious in women with the onset of menopause. In men this can be seen In their musculature as their testosterone production wanes. They lose the firmness of youth and may experience loss of libido. Both respond extremely well to testosterone replacement therapy.

In women hormone depletion results in wrinkles and drying of the skin. Without progesterone the skin  loses the glow of youth. While estrogen is the primary hormone responsible for the ovulatory cycle, it is progesterone which is the hormone that supports tissue firmness and progesterone replacement is key to more youthful looking skin as well as botox and fillers. Estrogen replacement is very helpful for those women experiencing loss of libido. Testosterone microdosing can also be helpful to women in this situation. As in men, testosterone in women supports tissue firmness and libido, but they only require micro dosing for successful treatment.

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For women to look and feel their best they need both progesterone and testosterone replacement. Without adequate levels of these hormones plastic surgery procedures by themselves will not give the results that you are looking for. 

Dr Dev is a big proponent of hormone replacement therapy for men and women. They can delay the need for plastic procedures and they will also make the results of plastic surgery procedures you choose to have much better effect.

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